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From bed to baby to…bliss?

A chance encounter. A steamy night together. That’s all Rhys Walker signs on for when Charlotte “Charlie” Long sashays across his path. Sure, maybe he catches a glimpse of forever in her eyes. But the brush-off note the gorgeous brunette leaves the next morning says it all, doesn’t it? Time to move on.

Rhys never expects that moving on actually means reconnecting with Charlie. Or that her big news changes everything. Becoming a father now, under these circumstances, never factored into his plans. Yet he’s not as upset as he thought. Because now he has the opportunity to explore that glimpse of forever…and turn it into reality.




First up, a big thanks to Fatin for inviting me to blog today. I love talking about romance with avid readers, and today I wanted to chat with you about romance heroines.


There’s a theory (not sure whose!) about how romance novels are really all about the hero, and that the heroine is merely a “placeholder” who acts as the reader’s proxy in the story. I don’t know about you, but I want more from my romance heroine than for her to be my proxy. I want her to be complex and flawed and lovable and smart. I want her to be someone I’d like to know in real life, maybe even someone I’d like to be my friend.


When I think back on the most memorable heroines from my keeper shelf, they are all women who are far, far from perfect. Sugar Beth from Susan Elizabeth Philips’ Ain’t She Sweet is a perfect example. Sugar was a nasty little princess when she was a teen but life has taught her some tough lessons and when she returns to her home town we get to see her both reap what she’s sown but also rise above it. She’s smart and sassy and generous and scared – a great heroine, in my book.


Chastity O’Neil from Kristin Higgin’s Just One Of The Guys is another memorable heroine. She’s larger than life, plain speaking, capable and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I loved her to death and wanted her to find her happy ever after so much my chest ached.


I’ve just finished reading Deanna Raybourn’s Silent In the Grave and have fallen hard for Lady Julia Grey, her fledgling lady detective. Watching Julia blossom as a person after her husband’s death was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to read more about this fascinating woman and her eccentric family.


When I sit down to write my books, I spend as much time thinking about my heroine as I do my hero. I want to believe in her, and I want to like her. Most of all I want to be on her side as she strives to be happy. More Than One Night is my 22nd book for Harlequin, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the heroine, Charlie (Charlotte), is my favorite heroine so far. She’s strong and she’s hard working and she’s honest – and she’s intensely vulnerable underneath her capable, calm exterior. I felt so strongly for her as I was writing – I really, really wanted her to find the love that she’d missed out on earlier in life.


I’d love to hear from you about your favorite romance heroines. Who lives long in your memory? Why? And do you have any dealbreakers when it comes to heroines? I’m giving away my two latest releases today – All They Need, and More Than One Night . Looking forward to talking with you all.



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